Unexpected Emotional Moment

(Note to self:  Do not put head through windshield…bad things happen.)

I’ve discussed previously, in other areas of my story, I had an accident in 1987.  What happed that day altered my life for the rest of my life.  Although many positives have resulted from that situation, there are some things that hardwired patterns in your brain and nervous system. Within a neurological pattern, a memory can surface at anytime when your brain re-experiences a stimulus.

A simple example is when you hear a particular that you instantly recall something from your past like the song they played when the team entered the stadium, or the song from your High School Prom…that is the recall I’m referring to.  Well, pain patterns work in a similar way.

There were portions of this race that similar pain patterns arose and my brain went into that dark spot that I tried to overcome and/or block out.  The following sentiment is my chance to release that along this journey…partly for me, but also because I recognize that anyone/everyone has something in their life that came come up when driven to extremes. If you can identify it, you can overcome it!

A note to Luis Armstrong… “I never blamed you, after all, it was an accident – but I hate the fact that your carelessness in 1987 has caused me so much pain even to this date. This journey is not over, as there is still one more missing piece of the puzzle. I’m working on it, but for now, TODAY- I TOOK BACK ONE MORE PIECE OF MY LIFE that you stole from me!!!”


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