Tri-Doc 20 week countdown to IMAZ (Ironman Arizona) – Week 17

Week 17

This week really seemed to be a Peak week for me. The addition of 2 strength training days is helping me train longer with less soreness.  Still 2 strong spin classes followed by runs (8 miles total) and two swim days, both over 2000m.  Really trying to balance my workouts and build at the same time. Capped off the week with my longest bike ride to date – my first training ride over 100 miles. Once again, through the Ranch with some rolling hills then up the coast to San Clemente and back. I am pleased that my recovery has allowed me to maintain training at these levels  and in spite of the chronicity of the pain, I am able to manage. I haven’t addressed the pain in my weekly posts, as I will use a separate post to discuss the pain and what can be done when it presents itself. Sometimes it is appropriate to push through the pain the grow…other times it is essential to listen to your body and back off when necessary to avoid injury (or worse). I’ll share personal experiences as well as clinical perspectives in that upcoming post.

Ready to head into Race Week next week.

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