Tri-Doc 20 week countdown to IMAZ (Ironman Arizona) – Weeks 15 & 14

Week 15 / 14

Wow, what a roller coaster these past two weeks have been since Vineman Full Aquabike.  After 2 days of rest, I got back to Spin class right away and felt pretty good so added a quick 4 mile run. Overall, felt good and knew it would be a lighter “recovery” week so happy with the day. Work was busy so only a few more workouts during the week. Unfortunately, just as I started feeling recovered, the weather changed and it got very humid! My body doesn’t do well with humidity, as everything feels inflamed and all the old injuries raise the pain levels significantly. I ending with a 50 mile ride on Saturday (instead of 80+) and just a 30 minute Core workout Sunday. Just couldn’t get past the increased pain levels.  Ironically, after a few days of this, and having to workout only every other day for a week and a half, I got through the next week and finished with 65 miles on the bike and a 1 mile swim & 10 mile run the next day.  Can’t always predict how my body will respond, and I’m having to learn how to listen to it. Some days you really have to push through the pain and teach it how to go further. Other times, you realize that it just can’t go anymore and you have to shut it down or risk injury.

Again, what a roller coaster ride these two weeks have been.


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